The Cheese Stands Alone


Growing up, I was reminded to, “be the cheese!” Although few¬†understood the meaning behind this, I did. My parents were referring to the classic childhood nursery rhyme, “The Farmer in the Dell.” The whole song is about everyone joining together (from the farmer is taking his wife down to the cat taking the mouse.) It ends, however, with “the cheese stands alone.” The takeaway message was be that I shouldn’t worry about linking with everyone, I should be unique.

Granted, I took that to extremes. But, why let that end with life? Why not keep generations after you smiling with a unique headstone? I’ve included a few of my favorites in this post, but there are countless fabulous ones out there!

Two of the images are ones that I have not seen first hand, and two are from one of my favorite cemeteries, Novodevichy in Moscow. This cemetery is known for it’s gorgeous headstones (statues that rival those found in most museums.) Although fabulous headstones are appreciated in this cemetery, fair warning, that is not always true, especially in America. In the States, cemeteries (especially religious or veteran ones) have a lot of regulations. They will limit the shape, size, and even wording of the head and foot stones.

On this Independence day, I suggest you all get those creative juices flowing and think up some fun and personalized headstones!

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