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USA Today – August 18, 2015

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Booklist Review: Issue: June 1, 2015

The untimely death of Meyer’s beloved father got her thinking. Shortly thereafter, though she didn’t need the money, she took a job as a secretary at Crawford, New York City’s funeral home to the stars, discovering that she had “a gift for planning last hurrahs for the richest of the rich (and sometimes the craziest of the crazy).” Despite her friends’ dismay, her mother’s and brother’s concern, and her socialite grandmother’s unveiled disgust, Meyer finessed her job from answering the phone to helping out—party planning, in a way—for dead rock stars, politicians, the wealthy and elite, and more; as she points out, “We’re all going to die.” For a book about death and its attendant services, this is actually a sweet, touching, and funny read. Meyer is truly likable, a great storyteller (with coauthor Moscatello), and loves what she does. While her twentysomething friends are jetting to parties in London or tossing down thousands for bar bills, Meyer is comforting the bereaved and throwing their loved ones memorials they would have truly enjoyed. A lighthearted, moving glimpse into the almost beyond.

— Eloise Kinney

Publisher’s Weekly: May 25, 2015

PW review

New York Post “MUST READ” Aug. 30

NY post 8:30

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  1. I just finished your book, it’s so nice to know that the ideas I have for my own services down the road are not so far fetched after all. Although I’m only in my early 60’s I have told my husband and our daughter what I want. And don’t want. I want uplifting things, my favorite music, lasagna at the afterwards and to be scattered in my favorite places. Thank you for reinforcing my thoughts!

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