Some Forms and Things to Think About…

It's inevitable... we're all going to die. Unfortunately, there is no way to be completely ready for this, as we do not know where when and how this will happen. There are, however, a few simple things we can do to be more prepared when the time does come.

Information, Not Legal Advice. This information is provided solely as a public service. Laws can change. cannot promise that this information is always up-to-date and correct. It certainly does not intend this information to be legal advice. By providing this information, neither nor any of it's affiliates are acting as your lawyer. It is recommend that you hire a lawyer to handle your estate. 

First of all, get organized! Your loved ones will already be grieving your loss, why make your death any more difficult for them?

Organize your important documents, store them in a safe place, and LET SOMEONE KNOW WHERE THEY ARE! Note: putting the documents in your safety deposit box is not necessarily the best place as it might take time for your family to gain access to the safe. A Power of Attorney and Do Not Resuscitate Order are useless if nobody knows they exist.

I've included a few forms for SPECIFICALLY for New York State, but these same forms can easily be found online for the state in which you reside.

Health Care Proxy By filling out this form, you are declaring that there is someone (friend or family member) whom you wish to make your health decisions should you become unable to do so yourself. You have the ability to give that person as much or as little power as you would like and can also leave written instructions for them. Read the provided PDF pages closely as they contain applicable information and answers to many of your questions.

Non-hospital Do Not Resuscitate